Baby Hazel Games
Baby Hazel In Preschool

153 plays

Baby Hazel Christmas Time

Today, Baby Hazel is celebrating Christmas along with her friends, Bella & Liam, along with Honey Bonny and…

Baby Hazel Christmas Time

150 plays

Baby Hazel Goldfish

Wow!! Baby Hazel is happy to possess a goldfish which luckily fells from stork’s beak in the tank. Hazel and…

Baby Hazel Goldfish

159 plays

Baby Hazel Funtime

Baby Hazel enjoyed a nightlong sleep with sweet dreams. She woke up happily this morning and ready to enjoy her day.

Baby Hazel Funtime

177 plays

Baby Hazel Bed Time

Stars are twinkling in the sky and night seems beautiful in moonlight. Baby Hazel is now ready to…

Baby Hazel Bed time

271 plays

Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

Cheerful morning of Baby Hazel starts with surprise gifts. While having shower, she is given interesting tasks to…

Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance

933 plays

Baby Hazel Laundry time

Surprisingly, Hazel is going to learn laundry wash today. Mom is going to teach the complete process of…

Baby Hazel Laundry time

267 plays

Baby Hazel Summer fun

Angry summer with high temperature has made Baby Hazel sweat. Burning sun can cause many skin…

Baby Hazel Summer fun

191 plays

Baby Hazel Cooking Time

It’s time for Baby Hazel to explore her cooking skills! Baby Hazel is hungry and mom is not at…

Baby Hazel Cooking time

169 plays

Baby Hazel Newborn Vaccination

Today Baby Matt has to get vaccinated. Little Hazel is little worried as she will first time see Matt being…

Baby Hazel Newborn vaccination

238 plays

Baby Hazel Garden Party

Yippee! Baby Hazel plans to host a Garden Party for her friends. But Hazel cannot set everything for the…

Baby Hazel Garden party

144 plays

Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

Its high time for Baby Hazel to learn the importance of bathroom hygiene. If proper hygiene standards are…

Baby Hazel Bathroom hygiene

154 plays

Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

Baby Hazel is too excited to participate in fancy dress competition held at her school. To dress up as…

Baby Hazel Fancy dress

146 plays

Baby Hazel Royal Bath

In these days Mom is busy caring and playing with Baby Matt. This has made our darling Hazel lone and…

Baby Hazel Royal bath

137 plays

Baby Hazel Kiteflying day

Baby Hazel is eager to participate in Kites festival along with her dad and friends. She has to learn the…

Baby Hazel Kite Flying

142 plays

Baby Hazel Doctor Play

Baby Hazel is goes to a mall for shopping with her mother. She buys a doctor play set. But suddenly…

Baby Hazel Doctor play

161 plays

Baby Hazel Winter Fun

Its winter! There’s snow fall outside. It’s chilling! Our lovely Baby Hazel wants to make this day…

Baby Hazel Winter fun

137 plays

Baby Hazel Flower Girl

Wow! Baby Hazel’s Aunt Lisa is getting married and in her wedding she wants Baby Hazel to be her…

Baby Hazel Flower girl

161 plays

Baby Hazel Newyear party

Baby Hazel and her mom host New Year eve party for her friends. Help Baby Hazel to dress up and…

Baby Hazel Newyear party

137 plays

Baby Hazel Stomach Care

Our Baby Hazel is suffering from stomachache due to ill food eating habits. Instead of eating mom-made…

Baby Hazel Stomach care

197 plays

Baby Hazel Halloween party

Baby Hazel and her friends are going to have great time in Halloween party. They are dressed in…

Baby Hazel Halloween party

142 plays

Baby Hazel Gingerbread House

Christmas bells are ringing! Our darling Baby Hazel had a dream in which gingerbread man has asked her to…

Baby Hazel Ginger bread House

156 plays

Baby Hazel Newborn baby

Baby hazel is on seventh sky! She is very excited about newly arrived member in her family, and…

Baby Hazel Newborn baby

325 plays

Baby Hazel Backyard Party

Baby Hazel was busy watching her favorite TV show, suddenly she got an idea of backyard party. She will be…

Baby Hazel Backyard party

147 plays

Baby Hazel Crafts time

It’s time for Baby Hazel to show and share her creative skills. Today Baby Hazel is working on her…

Baby Hazel Crafts time

128 plays

Baby Hazel Hair Care

Baby Hazel long hairs are really tough to manage. Moreover, improper hair care has resulted dandruff on her scalp. She needs…

Baby Hazel Hair care

149 plays

Baby Hazel Brushing time

A beautiful morning is welcomed by a bright sun. Starting a day without proper dental care is unhygienic.

Baby Hazel Brushing time

152 plays

Baby Hazel Fishing Time

Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel’s uncle is going to take our little angel for fishing. So she is…

Baby Hazel Fishing time

143 plays

Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

For a good health, hygiene care is very important. Our Hazel is small and we need to teach her important hygiene care tips. Help Hazel in…

Baby Hazel Hygiene care

190 plays

Baby Hazel at Beach

Hurray! This vacation Baby Hazel is glad to be gifted with a beach treat from…

Baby Hazel At beach

183 plays

Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

Home is believed to be the first school of learning for children. Baby Hazel is growing and she needs become smarter by…

Baby Hazel Learns shapes

223 plays

Baby Hazel Gardening Time

Gardening is truly a great fun! Baby Hazel has lot of interest in gardening and wishes to grow some plants

Baby Hazel Gardening time

145 plays

Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Little Hazel turns to be chef today and wants to try her hand in cooking.

Baby Hazel In kitchen

143 plays

Baby Hazel Skin Care

Winter is most awaited season by kids as they get a chance to play with snow. Baby Hazel too loves enjoying outdoor games in snow. But her skin can loose softness.

Baby Hazel Skin care

145 plays

Baby Hazel Goes sick

It’s bright sun outside but our cheerful Baby Hazel, who always wake up early morning is still sleeping.

Baby Hazel Goes sick

201 plays